Tips on updating your resume - Beauty Professionals

After you’ve graduated from beauty school comes the hard part – landing your first job. Before you even start your job search, you’ll first want to update your resume. Remember, your resume is your time to flaunt your talents and achievements, so don’t hold back!

Because cosmetology is all about being beautiful and creative, you’ll have more artistic freedom when making a cosmetology resume than compared to making a traditional resume. However, it still needs to be clear and informative, or your important information could get lost in the mess. Make sure it includes the following information:

Start by creating a header with your name, address and telephone number. Include the header at the top of each page on your resume.

Next, list your professional experience. Include names of salons you’ve worked for or had an externship with and the dates you worked there.

List your licensing information.

Follow with a list of both your cosmetology education and general education.

Always end your resume with a list of two to three references.

After you’re done writing your resume, revise it! You may not catch your own spelling mistakes, so it’s best to have someone else edit your resume.

You can jazz up your resume by printing it on beautiful, high-quality paper with pretty fonts. But avoid fonts that are too cursive or fancy because they can be difficult to read.

In addition to having a great resume, you’re also going to want to have a killer cosmetology portfolio to bring with you on your job interviews.  Your resume will lay out your education and work experience, but your portfolio will really be the best indication of your skills and creativity for a potential employer.

*** Information from Salon Success Academy

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